“Beware of mines!!!” – this horrible warning of lethal danger can now often be found in Ukraine.

Mines are one of the deadliest weapons in any conflict. They can be hidden anywhere, and they kill indiscriminately – often long after the battle is over. In Ukraine, there are tens of thousands of mines scattered across the country.

These mines pose a serious danger to civilians and soldiers alike. Every day, people are injured or killed by landmines in Ukraine. Even walking through an area that looks safe can be deadly – these mines can be triggered by anything from a person’s weight to the vibration of a vehicle passing overhead.

According to experts, it may take up to three years to completely clear the territory of Ukraine of mines. That’s three years during which children will be unable to go outside and play because there is a real danger they’ll step on a mine left over from previous fighting. Three years during which farmers won’t be able to work their fields because landmines have been buried in them. Three years during which innocent men, women and children will continue to die and suffer horrific injuries because we haven’t destroyed every last mine yet.

Immediately after the end of hostilities, we plan to invest all our capabilities and strength into the production of remotely operated mine clearance platforms for all types of mines. The cost per machine is about $20,000 and we will produce as many as our capabilities will allow during this difficult time, but certainly more will be needed. Your help will go to the production of demining machines, and your names will be attached to the chevrons on the special demining machines.

You can help save lives and avoid horrific injuries to innocent people!

In addition to your financial contributions, you can also raise awareness about the situation in Ukraine and encourage others to donate as well. By standing together we can make a tangible contribution to rebuilding Ukraine as quickly as possible after this terrible war.

Company profile​

The “MARSME Group” specializes in the development and production of robotic autonomous systems and platforms for extensive use in the field of public utilities, agriculture, logistics, construction, emergency services and other areas

The main guiding principles in the development of mobile robot platforms are:

  • Reliability of the device.
  • Multifunctionality. One machine - many functions. Easy change of functional equipment.
  • Significant increase in labor efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly equipment.

This approach ensures the most efficient operation of robotic platforms and their fast payback period (up to 3 years).

R&D and production of robotic autonomous platforms

To cover a wide range of possible loads, MARSME has developed a line of three main platforms that allow you to solve various tasks from light to extremely heavy works.

There are three basic control modes for the machines

All machines can be easily upgraded as control technology improves. This approach ensures widespread use now and increased efficiency in the future.
  • Remote control within line of sight
  • Remote control via 5G communication
  • Semi-automatic or autonomous operation

All mobile robot platforms use the principle of system’ modularity, which allows for simple service, easy upgrading, and prompt warranty repairs.

The machines are a combination of technologies that meet current and future needs due to future development opportunities embedded in their structure.
Reliability is ensured by the use of elements resistant to failures in operation and inherent safety margin, which provides confidence in operation under various conditions. The operation is an understandable and not complicated process that can be mastered by any personnel in a short time.


“MARSME” forever remains with its customers, jointly unleashing the potential of technology, improving and upgrading according to future demands, expanding and improving its technological capabilities.

MarsMe implements the following projects
  • Automatization of production processes
  • Automatization of agricultural enterprises
  • Access control and security systems
  • Automatization of accounting and movement of inventories Other specific automated systems
Member of NVIDIA Inception

MARS series robotic machines

MARS – Multitask automated robotic system (self-propelled platforms). It presents a range of self-propelled machines both under direct human control, automated task execution or using autopilot. The machines vary in power, their dead weight and loads, the functions they perform. Machines increase productivity by 5-10 times or operate autonomously up to 95%.

The production deadline is 2022.

Automated manufacturing (processes)

MARS – Multitask automated robotic system.

Built on the basis of process algorithms using both programmable logic controllers and data processing software and hardware complexes. 

This system can already function by combining production processes (agricultural field, production workshop, etc.), internal company logistics, and management functions.

Available to order.

Autopilot for MARS series platforms, tractors, agricultural machines, communal machinery, etc.

Autonomous control system for special-purpose machines.

This system differs from mass autopilot systems by providing autonomous operation of machines with specific geolocation reference points with the performance of industry tasks such as tillage machines, chemical agents application, harvesting, cargo transportation, road and territory maintenance, perimeter security, and many others.

The autopilot system is based on computer vision and machine learning with hardware elements.

  Phased introduction by function – 2022 – 2023.


Autonomous Functional Systems (AFS)

AFS is a development of the “Autopilot” direction and functionally autonomously controls various existing and perspective automation systems, combining them into a single unit. 

AFS can control enterprises, buildings, and other complex systems.