AFS areas of application are autonomous farms and production facilities with up to 95% autonomy

AFS is a combination of automation systems*, autonomously operating machines and units** in order to implement a sophisticated process sequence to achieve the end result with minimal human involvement.

AFS is a hardware and software system based on NVidia specialized hardware and software using computer vision and machine learning.

This hardware-software complex is a modified and improved version of the “Autopilot” hardware-software complex for MARS and similar platforms.

* Automation systems of production processes is a complex of processes automated on the principle ” Data acquisition – data processing – action”, where data are received from analysis and control sources, are processed by software and hardware complexes or programmable logic controllers, which control automated power units, switches, regulators, etc.

** Autonomously operating machines – machines with independent running gear based on electric, hybrid traction system, or internal combustion engine. With automatically working functional attachments. Machines use a specialized ” Autopilot ” software-hardware complex to coordinate the movement and performance of functional tasks.

The MarsMe company has such machines in the MARS series, in particular – MARS-500. It is a multipurpose autonomous robotic system (platform) performing dozens of functions (you can get more information on our website).

Each of the automation systems and autonomous machine execution of functional tasks operates in its area. They collect data for the effective implementation of their functions and carry them out.

The workflows of the above systems are separate parts of the general production process and the systems are each responsible for their own areas.
The MarsMe company has unified all automated areas under the control of the AFS software and hardware complex.

AFS consolidates all analytical data from the automated systems and generates an overall picture of the production processes. AFS also coordinates processes between the production, logistics autonomous machines, and other automated production areas, analyzes processes, and reveals ways of improvement. AFS not only controls the subsystems but can also make corrections to their operation.

The development and phased implementation time are 12-18 months.