The MARSME team was gathered 7 years ago within a private research lab. The lab dealt with automation, electrical traction systems, power supply layout, and radio-electronic warfare systems in business processes.

MARSME Group performed the following development requests:

  • Automation of commodity flow accounting;
  • Automation of inventory flow accounting;
  • Development and implementation of new types of outdoor advertising based on laser and LED projections with a single control center;
  • Development of the automated system of interaction between indoor advertising and the consumer with the help of hardware-software complexes;
  • Hardware-software complex of a store without salespeople based on NFC/RFID technology and other technological solutions;
  • Development of a secure system of automated small vehicle rental services (Sharing);
  • Research on the vulnerability of small vehicle rental hardware complexes to malicious waves and blocking signals. As well as recommendations for possible protection;
  • Research on existing Li-ion, LFP, LTO, and supercapacitor power supply chemistry to rank application areas according to specifications, application, and cost. Development of hybrid batteries;
  • Research on the use of special materials and nano-materials in the field of radiation and malware signals (blocking, hacking, etc.), resistance to high and low temperatures, and physical impact;
  • Development of an optimal layout of the power group of elements for electric scooters of automated rental systems by location, power, wattage, dynamics, and programmable limits scheme in order to increase the service life of the units before replacement from 2 to 5 years, prevent frequent failure of the elements, overall reduction of operator overhead in maintenance and compliance with legal regulations;
  • Research on the possible disabling or blocking of the operation of various software and hardware systems through the use of malicious rays, blocking signal generators, remote connections via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and some range of radio frequencies;
    – other specific developments and research.

The results of this research and development have partially found their application in the construction of robotic platforms.

Experience in improving systems and components of robotic platforms:
In accordance with the competencies of the MARSME group, at a certain stage, requests for the improvement of individual components and sub-assemblies of robotic platforms from various manufacturers and laboratories began to be received.

The MARSME team has also been an independent, objective critic for third-party organizations to identify weaknesses in platforms and robotic systems for further correction. This activity is demanded by third-party organizations because of the need for critical, independent evaluation by specialists outside the development team at some point.


The MARSME group also carried out stress tests with the platforms supplied to us. Subsequently, the platforms were returned to the manufacturer with system recommendations. In this case, the MARSMI group’s competence in the area of the cross-country ability of the chassis and combinations of power system elements were in especially high demand in accordance with the tasks assigned to the chassis. Taking into account the fact that MARSME Group worked and had access to confidential information and directly to third-party machines, NDAs were signed with strict conditions before the work was performed. Meanwhile, MARSME Group has the right to use its experience in this field.