Robotic Autonomous Platforms

Company profile​

The “MARSME Group” specializes in the development and production of robotic autonomous systems and platforms for extensive use in the field of public utilities, agriculture, logistics, construction, emergency services and other areas

The main guiding principles in the development of mobile robot platforms are:

  • Reliability of the device.
  • Multifunctionality. One machine - many functions. Easy change of functional equipment.
  • Significant increase in labor efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly equipment.

This approach ensures the most efficient operation of robotic platforms and their fast payback period (up to 3 years).

R&D and production of robotic autonomous platforms

To cover a wide range of possible loads, MARSME has developed a line of three main platforms that allow you to solve various tasks from light to extremely heavy works.

There are three basic control modes for the machines

All machines can be easily upgraded as control technology improves. This approach ensures widespread use now and increased efficiency in the future.
  • Remote control within line of sight
  • Remote control via 5G communication
  • Semi-automatic or autonomous operation

All mobile robot platforms use the principle of system’ modularity, which allows for simple service, easy upgrading, and prompt warranty repairs.

The machines are a combination of technologies that meet current and future needs due to future development opportunities embedded in their structure.
Reliability is ensured by the use of elements resistant to failures in operation and inherent safety margin, which provides confidence in operation under various conditions. The operation is an understandable and not complicated process that can be mastered by any personnel in a short time.


“MARSME” forever remains with its customers, jointly unleashing the potential of technology, improving and upgrading according to future demands, expanding and improving its technological capabilities.